hydro status of now

The project concerns the use of water as one of our main natural resources. It is essential for our living and we need it every day. While globally there is no physical shortage of water, the water situation is changing. „Water use has been growing at more than the rate twice of population increase in the last century.“

How do we create our value of water? How do we use water in general?
For drinking? for cooking? for cleaning? for the industry?
and what is the balance in between?

If we look for example at the quality of water, it differs from country to country, e.g. in Sweden or Germany access to clean water is very easy, you can get it straight from the tap and it’s drinkable whereas in other countries you have to go to the supermarket to buy drinking water in bottles. The water in the bottle has a higher value than water from the tap. It's not only more expensive, it also visualizes in itself the limitation of the resource water. It is very unlikely that we would use 5 bottles of mineral water to wash ourselves instead of just having a shower – using more water than that contained in 5 bottles. We are usually not really conscious about the amount of water we use and waste day by day. Is it really necessary to have a shower for half an hour every day? Are we really conscious about the amount of water we are consuming every day?

The project will have a look at the regional access to water and its use by the local population. Therefore we will use different statistics based on regional water resources (e.g. the amount of rainwater in certain periods, the amount and quality of groundwater to visualize the different types of resources.)

Hydro status of now project has been developed during the Visualizar09 workshop at Medialab Prado in November2009