hydro status of now


... a collection of links, papers and resources.


/// Organisations 

AQUASTAFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, global information system on water and agriculture

UN Water

FAO Water

Worldbank Water – data and statistics

Stockholm International Water Institute

Pacific Institute – Research Institute

World Water Council

Circle Of Blue – news and maps on global water crisis

International Water Management Institute

International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre

Water Footprint


/// Articles & Interviews 

Water consumption - sources and methods

Human Appropriation of the World's Fresh Water Supply

Water Conflict and Cooperation – on waterwiki.net

The Water Crisis Deepens

Water: Resources & Discourses – reconstruction: studies in contemporary culture (several articles)

Target 155 – public campaign about water consumption in Melbourne

Peak water – Peter Gleick on peak water

Peak water article[pdf]

Hispagua – Sistema Español de Información sobre el Agua

Ley de Aguas de España (water legistlation) – [pdf in Spanish]

the price of water in SPAIN – taxes and how the calculation is made


/// Illustrations 

vital water graphics – overview of the state of world's fresh water resources

Water goes global – maps on water resources and scarcity

Worldmapper – maps on resources and usage

Britain's borrowed water

water conflict chronology map

Global Water Withdrawal and Consumption[pdf]

Problems related to freshwater resources

Olympic Metal Count Map – related to our first idea of representing countries as circles


... the data we used (or planned to use) is based on these resources


/// Global 

Worldwaterinformation on world's freshwater resources

UN Data on population


/// Europe 


Water use and waste water treatment. Define of variables names (pg7). More stadistic database (pg 8) [pdf]

Earthtrends – Maps&Statistics onWater Resources and Freshwater Ecosystems


/// Spain 

Information about damn volume in the river Tajo

Rainwater per area in Spain – Instituto Nacional de Estadístic

Agència Catalana de l'Aigua (Hydrologic Data of Catalonia, Spain) – Data consultation -> Control Networks"

Canal de Isabel II (water supply company in Madrid)

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – volume and consum by date and use



Felipe Gutierrez, one of our collaborator has been working on a videocollage about water. Have a look here:

HYDRO STATUS OF NOW from Felipe on Vimeo.



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Hydro status of now project has been developed during the Visualizar09 workshop at Medialab Prado in November2009